How do I care for my MARME hat?

Depending on what type of cleaning you need, use the following:


Option 1

Use a soft brush or a felt sponge to remove dust or dirt. Make sure to always brush in the same direction. 


Option 2

Use a link roller or double sided tape to remove hair or lint from your hat. 


Option 3

Spot clean with a white damp piece of cloth/sponge. Make sure to use warm/cool water and never hot. Please use a gentle wiping motion to remove any marks or dirt. 


Option 4

Try not to get your hats wet, but if it can’t be avoided, we suggest you let it dry naturally and do not blow dry. 


Option 5

For a more severe stain, we advise you to visit your nearest hat repair shop.

How do I store my MARME hat?

Option 1

We suggest you store your hat in the box we shipped it in. Our boxes are designed to support your hat and allow it to last you for many years to come. 


Option 2

Store on a flat surface shelf. But make sure you allow it to sit upside down on its crown and not on the brim. Storing your hat on the brim after a long period of time, it will force the brim and will cause the hat to lose its shape.


Option 3

Hang your hat on the wall: Put a nail on it and let your hat be a part of your room decor.


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