What's My Size: 

Before you get out and conquer the world in your MARME Hat. Let’s make sure we get the perfect size for you. Because having the right fit will make all the difference on how you rock your hat. There are a few simple and effective ways to measure your head. 

First, always keep in mind where you like to place your hats. For example, it could either be Halo style or low just above your eyebrows. 


Using measuring tape:

- Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your head. Then take note of the measurements in inches. 


Cloth tape measure:

- Place it around where you’d like your hat to fall. Then you may need a metric ruler and measure your head in CM. 



XS- 21 ¼“

S- 21 ⅝ - 22”

M- 22 ⅜ - 22 ¾”

L- 23 1/8 - 23 ½”



XS- 54

Small- 55-56

Medium- 57-58

Large- 59-60

XL- 61


Options on how to wear your hat:

Halo style

- Grab your cloth measuring tape and place it around your head at the beginning of your hairline. 

- Then use a tape measure around the front of your head. Slightly above your ears and place at the hairline. 


Regular style

- Grab your cloth measuring tape and place it around your head. Just above your eyebrows.

- Then use the tape measure to the front of your head, and just above the eyebrows where you wish for your hat to sit. 


While measuring, make sure the tape is perfectly fit and not loose or tight. Take notes on your measurement. Please keep in mind that we offer hat fillers in case you are in between sizes or if we don’t have the size in a hat that you love. As these perfectly adjust to your head. 


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